We are Seršen Transport!

Our story began in 1990s when our current director founded a transportation company called Seršen Franc s.p. He was his own boss, because he was performing all transportations by himself. He also took care of the company as its director. His moto is: “Don’t expand if you don’t have a business.”

From one year to the next, we were growing slowly but persistently. In 2010 our moto paid off. To expand our services we bought our first big truck. In 2011, we started to provide logistic services, and we also bought a jumbo truck for higher cargo. In 2014, we changed our company name to Seršen Transport d.o.o.

2011 je v podjetje vstopil Tim Seršen. Zaradi tega je podjetje razširilo storitve – skladiščenje, posredništvo…

Our current team consist of 6 truck drivers, director, procurement officer an head of logistic. With the right amount of will and motivation, our family business is slowly but surely moving into the leading position of the next generation.


Our Mission

  • We provide transport from Slovenia through Europe.
  • Our offer includes favorable logistic solutions for different transports into foreign countries all across Europe.
  • We are available to our customers 24h a day, 7 days per week and 365/366 days per year
  • Our current storage warehouse has a maximum capacity of 1.000 euro pallets – dimensions 120 x 80 cm. During storage, we make sure your goods are secured against theft, temperature effects and sun exposure. In the near future we plan on to expend our storage capacities with investments into a bigger warehouse.

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