Express deliveries with van

Sometimes you need that your small package needs to be delivered from A to B but also that it is cost-efficient and fast. Express deliveries with a van are the method to choose. It doesn’t matter if you need express deliveries to Slovenia or Express deliveries from Slovenia across Europe.

We’re providing this service for over 30 years. With all those years, we came across a lot of problems that we’re now well informed about. Our experienced logistics team will get ahold of all of the necessary documentation and labeling that is required for delivery to the destination.

At the pick-up location, your cargo will be well inspected it has any signs of damage. Therefore our customers will be informed. Thank’s to our GPS tracking system. The cargo will be scanned and informed by our logistics teams that they can keep track of the cargo on the way to the destination.

We provide various options for storing the cargo. By talking to our logistics team, your cargo could be stored inside our warehouse, outside, or delivered straight to your desired destination. We keep track of our inventory, soo at the destination, the cargo status will become from “in transit” to “delivered”, and with this, you will be informed.

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With more than 30 years of experience, we provide quality and reliable services. Our new fleet of vans will provide safe and timely delivery. Thanks to our logistics team, who can keep track of your cargo in real-time will be in safe hands.

Don’t hesitate to contact us and we will help you with your freight. We’re available 24/7 for you.

Our fleet


Internal Lenght 1,6 m
Internal width 1,2 m
Internal height 1,2 m
Payload 1000 kg

By choosing express deliveries with van, we usually transport from small to medium-sized cargo. The shipments that we transport are usually Parcels, Hazardous goods, High-value goods, and Pharmaceuticals.

Our logistics team will be in charge of proper labeling and documentation. Therefore it wouldn’t get to any complications.

For international express delivery with vans, cargo shouldn’t weigh over 3,5 tons. The word express we take it very seriously, thanks to our van fleet we usually cover 1.000 km in approximately 8 hours.

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Safe & Secure

We take care of every shipment. All trucks have cargo insurance and could be tracked, thanks to an integrated GPS.

Fast Delivery

Thanks to our experienced logistic team we provide you with all the required documents for smooth and fast transport.

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Here at Seršen Transport d.o.o. you will get outstanding support. All our operators are 24/7 available for our customers.

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