Warehousing is a physical process of storing your freight in a safe, dry building that is protected from weather impacts such as sun, rain, snow, and wind. It’s also under protected under surveillance and theft protected.

We have an experienced team that handles freight. Their job is to check in which condition the freight had come and if it has all proper documentation. Then is with forklift safely unloaded and stored in the building. All our stored freight is labeled, that we keep track of our inventory.

Safe storage

Our current storage warehouse has a maximum capacity of 1000 euro pallets – dimensions 120 x 80 cm.

During storage, we make sure your goods are secured against theft and sun exposure.

In the near future we plan on to expend our storage capacities with investments into a bigger warehouse with temperature controlled storage.

Our warehouse

It doesn’t matter if it was transported by other companies or us. Your cargo could be stored in our facilities as long as you like. Currently, we have the facility of capacity for around 1000 EUR pallets. Otherwise, if your cargo is weather-resistant, then we can offer you our external storage located by the warehouse.

Pallet type
Dimensions (Width x Length)
EUR 80 cm x 120 cm
EUR 2 120 cm x 100 cm
EUR 3 100 cm x 120 cm
EUR 6 80 cm x 60 cm

Not sure which solution fits your business needs?

External storage

It’s a great option for cargo that is labelled as weather-resistant, and it could be stored outside. Or your shipment is too big and can’t fit inside our facility. Another good reason is cost-saving, with this method you can save some money.

Our external storage is strategically located in Slovenia near ports Luka Koper and Trieste (Italy). However, if your cargo is already on our external storage location, you can still change your mind, and we can move it for you inside the warehouse.

External storage is more cost-efficient

As mentioned above, if your shipment is weather-resistant, then you should definitely go with external storage, otherwise, we can provide for you to store inside the warehouse.

You have to keep it in mind. If you store it outside is more cost-efficient, because you only pay for storing the shipment. On behalf, if you go with internal storage, you will be charged with other fees like storage equipment, personnel, and inventory costs.

Sometimes customers demand that their cargo can’t be stored inside, because of various factors like dimensions or weight. It couldn’t be carried around too much.


Safe & Secure

We take care of every shipment. All trucks have cargo insurance and could be tracked, thanks to an integrated GPS.

Fast Delivery

Thanks to our experienced logistic team we provide you with all the required documents for smooth and fast transport.

24/7 Support

Here at Seršen Transport d.o.o. you will get outstanding support. All our operators are 24/7 available for our customers.

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