Seršen transport offers road freight from major cities of Germany like Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt am Main or Stuttgart, as well as other industrial parts of Germany. Contact our logistics team specialist for special requests.

For more than 30 years, we have been providing reliable transportation throughout Europe from Slovenia. Our vehicles are driven about 130.000 km per year. Because of safety concerns for our drivers and pedestrians, we swap our old vehicles out with new ones every five years.

We also care about our planet. That’s why all our road transport vehicles are environmentally friendly with basic EUR6 and above. Thus, by using an integrated GPS system, all our fleets are tracked.


If you are looking for a reliable, well-trusted source for your freight from Germany to Slovenia that is fast and cost-effective, consider our rode freight delivery services by truck as your method of choice. It doesn’t matter whether you need to deliver to or from Slovenia across Europe; we are your best source.

For decades, cargo has been carried back and forth across Europe the traditional way by road freight. Transportation by truck is a flexible and affordable option to get your cargo where it needs to be. With our new truck fleet and certified XXL trailers, we can provide timely and safe delivery with dry conditions for cargo that require it.

Full Truckload (FTL)

FTL road freight offers individual shipping services that transport your cargo only. This means only your freight will be in the trailer, no matter what size the load is large or small. Customers freight is loaded at the pickup location then safely delivered to the destination rapidly.

Less Than Truckload (LTL)

LTL road freight transport is generally used to ship 1 to 6 pallets of freight owned by multiple shippers. In most cases, there will be multiple drop offs of other freight before your cargo reaches its destination. We offer shipping of up to 12 or more pallets, fast delivery, cost savings, fragile products, and flexibility with time.

Seršen transport Road Freight
Freight Forwarding

We Specialize in Freight Forwarding

If you require international delivery services, we can accommodate you as we also provide freight forwarding to and from Slovenia between individuals, retail establishments, distribution centers, or companies.

And, we handle the entire process for you, including preparing all the necessary documentation for importing/exporting, and storing your goods in a safe dry warehouse.

How It Works?

  • 1 Step

    You contact us to schedule a pickup and provide us with all the details of your freight delivery.

  • 2 Step

    An experienced member of our logistics team will gather the necessary labeling and documentation required to deliver your parcel to the destination.

  • 3 Step

    We will pick up your cargo, inspect it for any signs of damage, then scan it and provide you with the tracking numbers so you can track your package all the way to the destination using our GPS tracking system.

  • 4 Step

    When your cargo is on its way to the destination, the status shown on the GPS tracking system will display “in transit.” Once your parcel is delivered, the cargo status will display as “delivered,” and you will be notified.

    Note: We can either deliver your freight straight to the desired destination, or we also have storage options available, in which your cargo can be safely stored inside or outside of our warehouse.

Road Freight From Germany to Slovenia

Let Us Handle All Your Road Transport From Germany to Slovenia

Seršen Transport is a well-trusted source of transportation by road. We have been around for decades providing flexible, affordable, and reliable cargo delivery services across all of Europe, fast and secure. Our staff is available to you 24/7. For safe and timely delivery, contact us.

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